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What do I get with IzyMail ?

No installation needed

We are offering IzyMail as an installation-free online service. As such, you do not need to download and install yet another application on your computer.

Free registration

Your FREE registration will enable your email address to use the IzyMail system. When your application goes out to check new mail, the IzyMail protocol translation system will automatically be activated. New messages from your webmail account will be discovered, prepared and made available for download. The process is executed in real-time, such that incoming messages are instantly available.

Free registrations are restricted by a set of standard options and a quota sufficient to evaluate the basic IzyMail features. Click here to review features and limitations of your free registration

Premium subscription (optional)

When you are satisfied with IzyMail's operation, you can upgrade your registration to a permanent subscription for a very moderate fee of $1.49/mo*.

For just 5 cents per day, your subscription will be enabled for all current and future mail (incoming and outgoing) together with additional features, such as unlimited download of mail from all your folders, special message filter options and more.

FREE registration

Feature comparison

Free registration Premium subscription
Mail download (POP/POP3) yes yes
Folder synchronization (IMAP) yes yes
Sending (authenticated) yes yes
Sending (anonymous) yes
Messages since 14 days unlimited
Custom folder download yes
Custom folder marker yes
Unread messages yes
Rich-text messages 30 unlimited
Plain-text messages unlimited unlimited
Sent messages 30 unlimited
Connection quota 900 unlimited
Expiration 20 days unlimited
Subscription rate free only $1.49/mo*

(*) billed annually. Due to currency fluctuations, prices in other currencies can vary. EU VAT will be added for EU residents. The rate (15-25%) will be calculated by country of residence.